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  1. I really do feel a sense of shame how City Council has ruined my city by tearing our many of the vintage architecture that used to exist here, and allowing terrible property owners to let the rest go straight to hell.

    I look at pictures of Stockholm and other parts of Europe and admire the effort that heritage committees have made to preserve a great many historical landmarks.


    • Yes, trying to preserve as much as possible. And down in Europe have built up a lot that has been bombed. But here in Stockholm was a neighborhood that was torn down, there are many people who lack the beautiful houses. It was built ugly modern houses. One uglier than the other, but many have of course become used to it too. The man who led the project, lived the self is understood in a beautiful turn of the century apartment. He also had plans to demolish it called the Old Town, but where was it stop. Thank goodness!
      I really hate people who preach water but drink wine themselves.

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        • Jag bara råkade se den när jag gick förbi. Och då har jag gått förbi där flera gånger, men såg inte möjligheten då. Det är väl dagsformen. Kanske för att Riddarholmen är just inget annat än en holm, där det grävs överallt, och just nu ser det bara extra stökig ut.


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